KH Extensions

Killerhair extensions deliver breathtakingly beautiful hair …

…at an affordable price. Killerhair is a sophisticated hair extension line aimed at offering a unique line of hair at top quality. What sets Killerhair apart from any competition is our commitment to quality, providing the latest techniques, maintaining high standards, and sophisication. We wanted to make a hair product that we would wear personally.

KillerHair Extensions Diamonds European Body

Killerhair was started when too many of my extension clients were lost due to how expensive the hair was for the quality being provided. As a lover of hair extensions, I wanted to design a high quality product with a pricing structure that would work for both retailer and consumer. End the cycle NOW and join us in our hair extension revolution!

Killerhair is a designer, manufacturer, and distributor, located in Orange County, California. If you are an owner of a top salon, a professional stylist, a hair specialist, or someone who wants to be beautiful ~ Killerhair is for you.

Much Love,

Kristen Marie xoxo

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